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“I absolutely LOVE working with Laura! She is not only energetic and fun, but she makes you feel like a priority and stops at nothing to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product.” - Monica D. Pitts-Lack

“Word of mouth is the best recommendation, and a friend told me about Laura's services. I shot off an email, asking if Laura would consider designing a book cover for 'A Raucous Time.' Within hours, Laura responded, with an attachment. Frankly I remember waiting for the attachment to download, with no great expectations. The response had been too quick, and I envisaged making suggestions and sending emails back and forth until we were both satisfied. When the attachment actually opened, I felt a mixture of astonishment and delight. Somehow, Laura had designed a cover that said more about "A Raucous Time" than my own "blurb."

"An Explosive Time" is the third of the Celtic Cousins' Adventures, and purposely more light hearted with a fast moving plot rather than character led. It is also very British, if you can imagine the "Ealing comedy films" meeting "Snatch" you've got a good idea of what to expect. Surreally, an alligator and an elephant feature in the story, along with a couple of major explosions. I didn't think anyone would be able to capture all those elements in one cover. But once again, Laura exceeded my expectations. "An Explosive Time" is my (not so) secret favourite adventure – maybe because I emphasise a little too much with Detective Crombie, who's certain the Celtic Cousins are intent on making a career out of being the bane of his life.

“When I began work on a young adult fantasy, I emailed Laura to commission her work for the third time, outlining the story – which was still only a vague idea at that point – I knew the story's premise, but it wasn't fully formed. However, when Laura sent over her design, for the first time, regretfully, I said  no, it wasn't what I wanted. Even though I didn't know what I wanted. And now Laura really surprised me. I think anyone else would have said stop wasting my time, and come back when you know what you want. Not Laura. With diligence and good humour Laura worked on another design and then another – until at the third attempt, the design astounded and delighted me yet again.

I'm extremely grateful to Sean Campbell for recommending Laura, and I also highly recommend Laura's services. After investing so much of my time ensuring my writing meets publication standards, I want a cover that tells readers not only what to expect from the story, but also reflects my own professionalism and attention to detail. Most of all, I want my stories to be read and enjoyed by others. In my opinion, a well designed book cover can attract and excite the reader's imagination before they've even considered reading the synopsis. Laura's designs will ensure that your book will stand out, and I promise Laura will delight you with her interpretation of your story.” - Julia Hughes (Creator of the Celtic Cousins' Adventures.)

“Honest, hard-working, talented, creative and FUN to work with - this describes Laura. I have worked with her not once, but on countless projects and many more to come.

As a writer, I find myself going back and forth with things, as new ideas and visions for what I am doing pop into my mind. Well, with Laura, you will find an artist who is more than patient and understanding. She is flexible and honestly enjoys her work; she does everything she can to share, add to your book cover and most importantly: listen.

Laura is awesome. You won't be disappointed. Prepare to collaborate with someone who, as I said, LOVES her job, and it shows - I recommend Laura to anyone who needs an affordable, talented book design or trailer. “ - R.H. Ramsey

“Laura knows her business and takes great pride in her masterful work. She did not provide me with the perfect design cover for my book; she offered several that I thought were perfect! It was a hard choice to make but I knew that my book would display one of Laura’s covers! Fantastic!” - Major Scott A. Meehan (USA, Ret.)                                                                       

“LOL! I love your humor, Laura. You are wonderful to work with! The cover is amazing. I will be in touch soon. Be well!!” - Lashauna Hinton

“When I first approached Laura about creating covers for my "Family by Choice" series, I wasn't sure it would ever happen. I was so set in my mind as to what these characters would look like and I was hesitant that anyone would be able to capture my idea on paper. I couldn't have been more wrong. Laura worked so hard to find just what I was looking for and each book just surpassed every expectation I had. I always joked that I was impossible to please, but she proved me wrong. I adore my covers and they truly made my books come alive. I would highly recommend Laura when you are looking to give your books a "face". I have more books coming, and I will look nowhere but to Laura to give them life.” - Robin Nadler

“LLPix really delivers when it comes to the quality of their work and customer service. Every request I made was promptly answered within a day. My cover designer and I ended up exchanging close to forty emails, and not only was she extremely patient through the entire process, but she was also attentive towards my questions and needs. She paid close attention to detail and gave me great ideas regarding the design or text placement. She designed a beautiful logo and even answered some questions I had about publishing itself. After the project was completed, I caught a typo and LLPix fixed it for me, free of charge. Working with LLPix was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be coming back when I need another cover designed.” - Walucia Gand

"Asking someone who lives on a different continent to you, to design your custom book cover, may seem a little worrying....I needn't have worried. Laura is ultra friendly and professional. But most important she immediately understood what I wanted and came up with a fabulous design. I highly recommend that you use her services. I won't hesitate to do so again." -

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