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Would you like to leave a testimonial? Please email with your quote. Thank you for taking the time to express your experience with LLPix.

“The LLpix way was far easier and more fun than I could ever have dreamed.” - DiVoran Lites

“As each snowflake in its own uniqueness comes together to form a beautiful blanket, so are the designs by Laura LaRoche to create a beautiful presentation.” - Joyce Mitchell

“Laura's design and creative ideas added so much to the concept I had for my book cover. The finished product is awesome; dynamic, bold and a perfect cover to suit my story.” - Margaret Anne Storey

“Laura works magic--super fast, super friendly, and super reasonable. She created a cover for my children's historical sea adventure, Sea Cutter, that looks both very old and very exciting. The way the letters on the sub-title sink into the cover painting seems to lead the child into the book, while the surrounding wet distressed leather-look, the stitching, and the raised gold lettering make the book look like an old-fashioned sailor's log. I was so pleased with working with Laura, that I asked her to format the print version of Sea Cutter. Laura again worked a miracle. Using old-fashioned lettering and scroll work, she produced an enchanting, old-looking print manuscript. If you have cover needs, or print formatting needs, I highly recommend that you consult Laura.” - Timothy Davis

"I described to Laura that my book was a supernatural thriller and I wanted a cover with an eerie appearance.

The cover she made for me was perfect. I told her much of the supernatural aspects happen in the pine grove and that is also where a spirit battle occurs. I'm not sure how she managed to get the white, gold and red lightening the spirits used, but she did it and in a pine grove. It was exactly what I asked for and looks like a scene from my book. I couldn't have found a better cover and I'll be back for my next cover. Also, her prices are very reasonable for the quality of her work." - Marianne Spitzer

“I discovered Laura's work on Twitter, as I was seeking to find a new inspiration for my ebook covers. There was nothing "wrong" with the covers I had, but over time I had developed a more comprehensive vision of the brand I was seeking to create for my America First Trilogy. After reviewing some of the covers in her portfolio, I thought Laura could help me out.

We traded a few emails, and I tried to give her as much information as possible about my concept. To be honest, I really didn't expect much, because I wasn't sure how well a woman would do with a military/political theme. Sexist? Maybe, but most of the people who say they enjoy my ebooks are men, and somehow I got it in my head that a man would more easily "get it." Also, I didn't know what to think of her pricing, at first I thought it was a little low, but it also encouraged me to take the risk and hire her.

When she emailed me the first concepts for Lie Merchants, Made In China and America First, I knew instantly that I had found my new book cover artist! Laura absolutely nailed the brand I was trying to create from the first concept! I don't know how she did it (she does not claim to have psychic powers), but it was like she had a window into my mind and gave me back exactly what I was thinking of...only better!

It is often said that you shouldn't just a book by its cover, but people do take cover art into account when they buy ebooks. Now, my ebooks look just as good as any best-selling author, and now all three works are tied together with a simple, yet impactful design. I've got more projects in the works, and I won't think twice about hiring Laura again.” - James Viser

"I had a wonderful experience with Laura and her work. She is a wonderful artist, who works fast and understands perfectly what you might want, ready to cope with any unusual request (my covers are not really ordinary, dealing with historical fiction and some quite forgotten cultures).

Laura dealt with all my requests brilliantly, responding promptly, keeping me updated all the time. The first cover she promised to deliver in a week, but the final version of it was in my hands in less than two days. The other books in the series were delivered as fast and as perfect, although I added challenges, sending her pictures of people who need to be added ten years and more to their appearances, or on the contrary – removed. I really felt like challenging her, but she dealt with it brilliantly, with a smile, letting me understand that I was perfectly ok asking so many different things. She also put on all three covers her personal touch, which turned the series into wonderfully unified. At some point I began suspecting she did read my books, so greatly the covers reflected what went on in the stories.

Having ordered three covers so far, I know all of my future books will appear sporting Laura's covers on them." - Zoe Saadia

“Working with Laura was an awesome experience. She has the ability to gain a connection with an individual and bring their visions to life. The turnaround time for her services are phenomenal. The process was smooth from start to finish! Excited to work on my next project with Laura@llpix.” - PhatPhat

“Laura has done three covers for me and I love everyone. When we first collaborated on Julianne, I was astounded at how intuitive she was and produced exactly what I wanted right out of the gate. I had no idea what I was looking for with Winter's End, but Laura was able to provide me with some great ideas and in the end I am very happy with what we came up with. Her speedy response time and gorgeous design have made her one of my got to people when finishing my books.” - Rebekah Lyn

“LLPix created beautiful cover art and perfectly coordinated  bookmarks, banners, and other goodies for my series. The whole process was quick and painless, and the finished products are gorgeous, professional, and something I can really be proud of. I'd recommend LLPix for all your design needs, from trailers to swag.” - Melissa Wright

“I was a few months away from releasing Collapse and I needed a cover. I'm embarrassed to say I have no artistic skills to speak of. I can't sing, dance, play an instrument, and I certainly can't draw. Ask anyone who plays Draw Something with me will tell you - I'm terrible. I contacted Laura and gave her a few ideas of what I wanted. I was quite surprised when less than two days later she had three samples for me to review. One of them was near perfect. I had a few minor changes in mind and in less than twenty-four hours later I had my cover. It was absolutely perfect. I was so pleased with Laura's work that I couldn't take my eyes off of it for days. I still get chills when I look at it.

Many a writer wishes it wasn't so, but readers do judge a book by its cover. Make sure you get a sharp one and let Laura take care of you!”

- Richard Stephenson

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