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Important cover information

Now accepting new customers on a limited basis; please contact me for availability.

For new customers requesting custom covers. If character images are needed for the cover, YOU must provide all people images. Due to the time it takes away from me designing your custom cover. Thank you, Laura LaRoche

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"Words Unlimited"

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A new member has teamed up with BZ Hercules and LLPIX Designs to provide even more services for independent and self-publishing authors, as well as any other independent artists (musicians, graphic artists, and businesses)! Introducing:

Promotions by Ra Jones Productions!

With several years of public relations and self-publishing, Ra Jones is the company that will gain new and veteran authors and artists the exposure they need to self-launch their publications and products.


Greene County Resources


Premade Covers

All pre-made eBook covers are only $45. Stock up now to fill your book shelf with great designs at even a better price.

Cover to Cover services!

We are now offering a "one-stop shopping" approach to indie publishing, tailored to both new authors who need support and assistance as first-time independent publishers, as well as to the experienced author who knows what he or she wants, and does not want to overpay for quality.

Please use link for more information and to order one of our packages!

Congratulations to

Linda Robinson & LLPix Designs for

Natalie’s Choices

Gold Winner

YA cover 2014


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Amazon link.

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